Thomas Tryon-Harvest Home [audio]


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Thomas Tryon-Harvest Home [audio]
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Thomas Tryon-Harvest Home
Horror, Mystery

In a country village, a family of New Yorkers encounters a chilling ancient rite.After watching his asthmatic daughter suffer in the foul city air, Theodore Constantine decides to get back to the land. When he and his wife search New England for the perfect nineteenth-century home, they find no township more charming, no countryside more idyllic than the farming village of Cornwall Coombe. Here they begin a new life: simple, pure, close to nature - and ultimately more terrifying than Manhattan’s darkest alley.When the Constantines win the friendship of the town matriarch, the mysterious Widow Fortune, they are invited to join the ancient festival of Harvest Home, a ceremony whose quaintness disguises dark intentions. In this bucolic hamlet, where bootleggers work by moonlight and all of the villagers seem to share the same last name, the past is more present than outsiders can fathom - and something far more sinister than the annual harvest is about to rise out of the earth.


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